Accuracy of Lateral Invertogram in diagnosing and classifying anorectal malformations


  • CC Nwokoro
  • BA Ayoade
  • BA Salami
  • OM Fatungase
  • AA Olatunji
  • EA Emmanuel



Accuracy, Anorectal malformations, Imperforate anus, Lateral Invertogram, Neonatal Intestinal Obstruction


Background: The initial management of a new born baby with anorectal malformation could be made only after an accurate determination of the level of the anomaly. 

Objective: To determine the accuracy of lateral invertogram in diagnosing and classifying anorectal anomalies.

Methods: This was a retrospective study carried out between January 2003 and December 2013. The accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity of lateral invertogram in diagnosing and classifying anorectal malformations in the cases studied were determined.

Results: A total of 62 children with anorectal malformations patients were seen during the study period. The age range was 4 hours to 6 years. A total of 50 (80.6%) had lateral invertogram while only 39 films of lateral invertogram were available for analysis. A total of 22 patients had high anomalies while 12 patients had low anomalies. The accuracy of lateral invertogram in identifying anorectal anomaly was 100% and its ability to differentiate between high and low anomalies was 76.5%. The Sensitivity in identifying high anomalies was 59% while the specificity was 31.8%. The sensitivity in identifying low lying lesions was 66.5% while the specificity was 50%.

Conclusion: The accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity of lateral invertogramin diagnosing and classifying anorectal malformations were found to be satisfactory in the present study.


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