Fertility-preserving Management of Cervical Ectopic Pregnancy in a Nigerian Teaching Hospital

Medical management of cervical ectopic pregnancy.


  • IO Awowole
  • OA Adeniyi
  • OO Allen
  • AB Adeyemi




Cervical Ectopic Pregnancy, Conservative management, Hysterectomy, Methotrexate, Transvaginal Utrasonography


Cervical Ectopic Pregnancies (CEPs) are commonly associated with adverse outcomes due to diagnostic and treatment challenges. This report describes the successful management of an initially misdiagnosed CEP. A 30-year-old G4P2+1(Alive 2) presented to the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex (OAUTHC), Ile-Ife, Nigeria, with vaginal bleeding following 11 weeks amenorrhea. The patient was haemodynamically stable, with minimal bleeding per vaginam, and ultrasonography had previously diagnosed complete miscarriage. However, transvaginal ultrasonography demonstrated classical hour-glass uterus. The ballooned cervix contained a gestational sac and foetal node without cardiac activity. The patient was managed with a single dose of intramuscular methotrexate injection. Her serum B-HCG concentration declined from 460.8mIU/ml at presentation to <5mIU/ml on the 10th day post-methotrexate injection, with a complete clinical and ultrasonographic resolution of the features. A high index of suspicion and appropriate ultrasonographic skills are necessary for prompt diagnosis of a CEP. Medical management could minimise the risk of intractable haemorrhage and hysterectomy.


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