Rural-Urban Disparities and Factors Associated with Clients’ Satisfaction with Healthcare in a Nigerian population


  • AK Ahmed
  • OY Ojo
  • MJ Saka
  • GA Salaudeen



Clients' Satisfaction, Disparity, Healthcare, Rural, Urban, Waiting Time


Background: Clients’ satisfaction surveys are required to identify gaps and challenges in providing healthcare services; to ensure the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Objectives: To compare and assess factors responsible for healthcare satisfaction among rural and urban communities in Ilorin East Local Government Area (LGA) of Kwara State to improve service provision among the communities.

Methods: This was a comparative, cross-sectional study involving rural (250) and urban (250) respondents selected through a multi-stage sampling technique and surveyed using an interviewer-administered questionnaire. Focus Group Discussion was also used to collect qualitative data. Participants were selected through the purposive sampling technique.

Results: The proportion of clients who expressed satisfaction was 172 (68.8%) among urban and 175 (70.0%) among rural respondents, (z = 0.57; p = 0.45). The attitude of healthcare personnel influenced satisfaction among both the rural (56.0%) and urban (63.3%) respondents, respectively; short waiting time (12.8%) and privacy of the consulting rooms (13.7%) were reasons influencing satisfaction with service.

Conclusion: Short waiting time and privacy of consulting room were reasons for service satisfaction among clients. Waiting time was a strong predictor of satisfaction. There is a need to improve health personnel’s attitude to work to ensure clients’ satisfaction with healthcare services.


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