Awareness and Preparedness for the Ongoing Community Spread of Coronavirus Infections Among Healthcare Workers in a Nigerian Private Tertiary Facility


  • AE Ladele
  • JO Ogunkoya
  • CJ Elikwu
  • TA Oyedele
  • KE Tuta
  • O Abiodun
  • A Idowu
  • S Eigbe



Coronavirus, COVID-19, Healthcare Worker, N95 Facemask, Personal Protective Equipment, SARS-CoV-2


Background: Healthcare workers (HCWs) are at high risk of contracting and spreading the novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) disease putting themselves, the patients and the community at large at risk. Therefore, there is a need for adequate preparedness in the face of this pandemic.

Objectives: To assess the knowledge of HCW (clinical and non-clinical) on COVID-19, determine the level of HCWs preparedness against COVID-19 and evaluate the level of preparedness of the hospital facility against COVID-19.

Methods: Purposive sampling technique was used in this cross-sectional study. A self-administered questionnaire adapted from a validated questionnaire was used to collect appropriate data on socio-demographics, knowledge about COVID 19 and preparedness.

Results: A total of 170 HCWs with a mean age of 34.7±6.9 years participated in this study. More than half (56.5%; 96/170) were females. The average knowledge score among clinical staff was 9.04±13.77, with 80 clinical staff having good knowledge of COVID-19. The majority of non-clinical staff had a fair knowledge of COVID-19 with an average knowledge score of 5.11±47.07. About 63.4% were not confident enough in caring for a suspected coronavirus case even though more than half (57.6%) have had formal training in Infection Prevention and Control and above 77% (131/170) confirmed the availability of PPE in their facility. However, about three-quarters (74.7%; 127/170) believed the hospital is well prepared to manage COVID-19 cases.

Conclusion: This study revealed that this cohort of HCWs have good knowledge of COVID-19 and are convinced that they and their facility are well prepared for outbreaks of COVID-19.

Author Biographies

AE Ladele

Department of Family Medicine, Babcock University Teaching Hospital, Ilishan Remo, Ogun state, Nigeria.

CJ Elikwu

Department of Medical microbiology, Babcock University Teaching Hospital, Ilishan Remo, Ogun state, Nigeria.

TA Oyedele

Department of Surgery, Babcock University Teaching Hospital, Ilishan Remo, Ogun state, Nigeria.

KE Tuta

Department of Medical microbiology, Babcock University Teaching Hospital, Ilishan Remo, Ogun state, Nigeria.

O Abiodun

Department of Community Medicine, Babcock University Teaching Hospital, Ilishan Remo, Ogun state, Nigeria.

A Idowu

Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Department of Medicine, Babcock University Teaching Hospital, Ilishan Remo, Ogun state, Nigeria.


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