Late Effects of Therapy, Stigmatization and Social Reintegration following Childhood Cancer Survival in Kenya: A Case Report


  • JPM Lemmen
  • N Midiwo
  • F Njuguna
  • G Kaspers
  • S Mostert



Childhood cancer survival is increasing in low- and middle-income countries like Kenya, which comes with a new healthcare challenge: late effects and quality-of-life of survivors. A case was studied to depict a Kenyan Hodgkin lymphoma survivor, illustrating some of the childhood cancer survivors' difficulties in Kenya. Late effects of therapy, stigmatization and social reintegration were explored. The investigators reviewed medical records and used semi-structured interviews and stigma assessments using the Social Impact Scale. The survivor developed severe pulmonary hypertension during treatment with ABVD and salvage protocols. Three years after treatment, the patient experienced chemotherapy-induced late effects (chronic heart disease) that hindered personal care, social activities and job opportunities and required follow-up. Stigmatization by the community burdened his family life and marital prospects. This case report is one of the first that testifies of combined medical and psychosocial challenges that childhood cancer survivors may face in sub-Saharan Africa and underlines the need for a holistic approach.

Author Biographies

JPM Lemmen


N Midiwo


F Njuguna


G Kaspers


S Mostert



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