Prevalence and Factors Associated with the Severity of Anaemia among Patients on Chronic Haemodialysis in Lagos, Nigeria




Background: Anaemia is a global public health problem with high mortality and morbidity. It is also a common consequence of chronic kidney disease (CKD). There is a paucity of data on the actual burden of anaemia among patients on chronic haemodialysis (CHD) in Lagos, Nigeria.  

Objectives: To determine the prevalence and factors associated with the severity of anaemia among Nigerian patients undergoing chronic haemodialysis.

Methods: This was a retrospective analysis of adult patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) on maintenance haemodialysis at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos. The data extracted from the clinical case files included the bio-demographic and clinical parameters, including the treatment modalities.

Results: A total of 92 patients comprising 69 (75%) males and 23 (25.0%) females with the overall mean age of 48.2±14.0 years were included. Hypertension was the commonest aetiology of CKD and the average duration of haemodialysis was 16.6 months. The commonest access route for haemodialysis was a central line while 96.7% and 81.5% received erythropoietin and intravenous iron sucrose respectively. Seventy-three (79.3%) patients have had intra-dialysis blood transfusions in the past. Mild, moderate, and severe anaemia were recorded in 17%, 67%, and 16% respectively. The use of erythropoietin, iron sucrose, and increased frequency of blood transfusions correlated with the severity of anaemia.

Conclusion: Anaemia is highly prevalent among patients with CKD on chronic haemodialysis. Increased frequency of blood transfusions, inadequate utilization of erythropoietin, and iron sucrose administration are predictors of anaemia severity.


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